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Review Part 2: The kdLinks DX2 Dash Cam

After several weeks of testing this dash cam, I have come to the conclusion that the KDLinks DX2 is a worthy successor to the KDLinks X1, but doesn’t replace it. It’s sort of like picking which Star Trek TV series you like: The original, the “Star Trek Enterprise”, the “Next Generation”, the spinoff “Deep Space Nine” or “Star Trek Voyager.” They are all the same, but different.

It doesn’t hurt if you decide to buy the X1, and sales are blooming. The DX2 is selling, too, but not at the same sales clip.

Since the Part 1 review of the DX2, I caught the X1 on sale during an online sale for a price so low I couldn’t pass it up. Result: I have put both dash cams to side-by-side tests, and they are both worthy of your dollar.

Note: Also there are some links in this post, I actually bought these two cameras, and no one is paying me to review these cameras. So, this is a public service, non-paid review.

First, lets get to the technical specs.

KDLinks X1 is first:

Short name: The kdLinks X1 Dash Cam

Short name: The kdLinks X1 Dash Cam

* Current price: $169.95 (February 4, 2017)

* Description: Full-HD 1920 x 1080 165 Degree Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder Car Dash Cam with GPS, G-Sensor & WDR Superior Night Mode

* Specifications: Go here

* Software updates, as required. Find them here

* There is a zoom function on the X1. One of the most annoying thing about ANY dash cam is that the lens is such a wide angle that it is difficult to exclude the shiny dashboard from your shot. Because of that, your shiny dashboard reflects right back into your camera. Dumb. The X1 solves this by letting you zoom past the dashboard, and saving you a lot of reflections in the process on your video recording.

* Both dash cameras have little battery life. So if you get into an accident, you probably only have about 30 seconds to get a shot of the damage to the outside of the vehicle. Hopefully, you will have also brought your cell phone so you can shoot damage shots with it. I am not sure the argument that the answer to exploding batteries is to make it shut down more quickly. From what I have read, leaving a dash cam in a hot car in the hottest part of the summer will cause it to swell and then the battery goes. Honestly, I DO NOT recommend you leave your dash cam in the car in such circumstances, nor should you leave it when it’s freezing or below in the car. For your consideration, go to the Amazon reviews for this camera and choose the lowest rating for the X1, and you will see that those comments are littered with battery complaints. Also, reading the “less than 5 star” reviews will show any of the other flaws of the camera, as expressed by customers.

* The X1 has GPS which, among other things, tracks your speed. Many think that’s a plus. But if you get into an accident where speed was a factor, and you are asked for your dash cam footage, the tattletale GPS will show what speed you were going. That could, of course, be good, or bad, for you – depending on your speed.

* You cannot turn the camera left or right, which is an inconvenience if you want to have it face toward the driver’s side when Mr. or Ms. Police Person is “interviewing you” about your license and registration. Or if you want to point the camera to a traffic accident that is not in FRONT of you. Maybe I was “doing it wrong,” but I don’t think so. All I got was a clicking noise and resistance to the act of turning the camera to left or right.

* Recorded video is clean, crisp and definitely hi res. But the camera also captures a whole lot of light reflections coming into your vehicles cab because of the angle of the windows and side windows in today’s car/truck designs. You don’t notice the reflections in normal driving, but when you’re viewing the dash cam footage, you REALLY see the reflections — and that could work against you in certain traffic accident situations.

Now for the KdLinks DX2:

Short name: The kdLinks DX2 Dash Cam.

Short name: The kdLinks DX2 Dash Cam.

Current price: $199.95 (February 4, 2017)

* Description: Full-HD 1080P Front + 720P Rear 290° Super Wide Angle Car Dash Cam with G-Sensor & WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) Superior Night Mode, 1 Year Dashcam Warranty

* Specifications: Go here

* Software updates: There are none as of Feb. 4, 2017. But if there were any, they would be on this page

* It has an adjusting, polarizing filter that helps reduce reflections. This is good, but toward dusk, it had better be in the right adjustment, or things will look darker than they are. Also, as your vehicle turns, it affects the direction of the sunlight. Unfortunately, you can’t adjust the filter as you are driving.

* You can move the camera in most any direction, unlike the X1.

* The video quality is identical to that of the X1.

* There is no zoom button, you have to either suffer with the amount of dashboard real estate in your video, or tilt the camera up. But tilting the camera also moves the horizon up, meaning that you could get more sun if you are driving into the sun. This is probably why many Russian dash cams captured an exploding meteorite several years ago. The dash cams were tilted so high that they easily captured the gaseous rock. Don’t believe that? Check out YouTube videos of that day.

* There is no GPS module. Instead there is a rear camera. The X1 is a solo act, just the front windshield area. The DX2’s included rear camera will come in handy when someone rams you from the rear, and then claims you backed up into them. Oh yeah? Well, let’s check Mr. rear camera’s footage!

Comparison of the X1 to the DX2:

* The X1 can’t turn left or right; only straight ahead. The DX2 can turn in most any direction.

* The X1 has a GPS module. The DX2 doesn’t.

* The DX2 has a rear (720p) camera. The X1 doesn’t.

* The DX2 has a polarizing filter to minimize reflections. The X1 has no protection.

* The X1 has a zoom feature to give you close-ups and exclude the dashboard. The DX2 doesn’t.

So take your pick: Zoom, GPS, rear camera, filter, adjustment of the camera. Decide which is more important to you, but do compare them before you buy. Either one is a good deal. Either one has crisp, clear video.

KDLinks has made two good cameras. You can’t lose with either one.

Finally, below are links to videos shot with the X1 and DX2. I did not want to eat up my little WordPress space any more than I had too, so these will take you to other places. Do note that some of the videos were savaged by YouTube during encoding, so viewing them in full screen might not be as pleasant as the normal size.

KDLinks X1 videos

* Day & night samples

* Varied Lighting

* Gorgeous Footage from Moapa Valley Nevada

* All X1 videos

KD Links DX2 videos

* Daytime video

* Night time

* All DX2 videos

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