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Put a charger in your AC adapter:

Manufacturer AJoka has come out with a spy camera that looks like an ordinary AC charger. It comes with a 2GB Micro SD card inside, and can record up to 66 hours of audio and video. It has a built-in lithium battery, so when it’s not plugged into a wall socket, it can record 3 hours of audiovideo stuff.

It would seem the best place to put it is in an AC outlet — assuming that outlet is high on the wall. Otherwise, you’d be recording dust bunnies under your bed, or people’s feet as they wander by. There are some rude places you could put it too, but most moral people wouldn’t do that, would they?

AJoka only sells wholesale, so you’ll have to wait until a store like Radio Shack puts it on shelves (yeah, right).

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