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RSS: Where do I get a reader? Or do I even need one?

If you went to the links I listed in my last post, and saw something like the image at right, you’re using an old Web browser:
RSS in its natural state
The newer versions of Web browsers all have RSS Readers built-in, and each browser has its own style of displaying RSS feeds.

Internet Explorer 7, Opera 9, Mac’s Safari, Netscape 8 and Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux all have these readers built-in, and each displays RSS in the browser’s own style. All also have a few “starter” feeds for your to sample.

Bottom line: If you have the newest version of these browsers, you don’t need a news reader. BUT …

If you like your trusty Internet Explorer 6 or earlier, or Netscape 4 — or if you just don’t like the style the new versions of Web browsers display RSS in, you’ll need a RSS News Reader.

At right is what your feed should look like. This particular shot was made from Apple’s Safari browser:

What RSS should look likeIf you’re going to get a reader, get something that’s free, of course. You can use Google and find a whole boatload of them (search term: RSS Reader). Each one is different, and your eyes will cross when you go through page after page of listings.

For me, the simplest way to get an RSS News Reader, though, is just to go with an upgraded browser — which is good, because new versions of browsers make your surfing safer and more secure AND are RSS saavy.

For those of you who are using RSS News Readers, do you have a favorite reader that meets your needs?

Let’s shift our focus now to creating RSS and using tools to make/read that RSS.

Next: Free RSS Tools

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