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Nothing in cyberspace is sacred

NameCheap finally admits Heartbleed vulnerability – kind of

In one of the oddest letters to its users I have seen, the NameCheap hosting company finally – on April 11 – sent out an e-mail blast to its users … Continue reading

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Free DNS company ends free; preaches pay now

Dyn, the web hosting and DNS company, has sent a letter to its free DNS account holders to tell them that the company will no longer provide DNS service for … Continue reading

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Is it real?

  These photos have been circulating around the Internet. It’s a neat idea, but does this tombstone exist only because it was run through Photoshop first? You decide.

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Windows “Vista” — a view of what?

When I installed and started using Windows Vista the other day, I felt like I had been handcuffed. The TV commercial, where the Mac guy is talking with the Windows … Continue reading

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Windows — continuing the proud tradition

Just out, and now Windows Vista will soon have a Service Pack released to fix the first round of bugs. Microsoft, as always, continues to tinker with its products. I’m … Continue reading

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UK wants to fit everyone into their genes

According to BBC News, Lord Justice Sedley, a senior UK Appeal Court judge, has proposed that everyone in the United Kingdom should have their DNA recorded in the national database … Continue reading

September 5, 2007 · Leave a comment “apologizes”

A spokesman over at has formulated a PR response for the company’s selling private info for corporate profit. [Read more about it here]. Stripped down to pertinent points, here … Continue reading

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Stolen family history

Remember the “life in a fishbowl” I talked about in my last post? It seems that what we want to keep private, or at least restricted to certain people, is … Continue reading

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What in the world?

Is there anything sacred in cyberspace? The short answer: No. What you post, everyone can see. Life in a fishbowl. Blah, blah blah. And I would also say that there … Continue reading

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