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Windows — continuing the proud tradition

Just out, and now Windows Vista will soon have a Service Pack released to fix the first round of bugs. Microsoft, as always, continues to tinker with its products. I’m sure users don’t enjoy having to spend boot time waiting on yet another update to slow down their computers (cancel or allow). In this case, a Microsoft blogger is claiming this update will be different. Here is where I yawn. I’m sure the next update will be “special” too, no doubt like several hundred of Microsoft updates before it.

One has to wonder just why Microsoft keeps releasing betaware under the guise of a finished product. Windows Vista was obviously not ready to go when it was released. A Service Pack is a collection of bugs that are “fixed.” So Vista needs fixing — surprise! On a side note, not too long ago, I had to install Windows XP Professional again; there were no less than 43 updates I had to install; all meaning I had to reboot after every update. And after a while, Windows gets “fat,” meaning it takes longer and longer to boot and load/operate programs; and some have even gone to the extreme of reinstalling Windows every six months. Unless Microsoft develops a new revolutionary file system (like Linux), their operating system will continue get slower and slower over time. And their super-sensitivity to people cracking into their system will make it more and more difficult for users to use without hassle. The “cancel or allow” modules will no doubt continue to be cranked out, perhaps to the point that being productive as a user will be an exercise in frustration and futililty. Microsoft’s business model appears to be more important than the nuts and bolts of its operating system.

No doubt, introducing “new operating systems” from time to time is stock-market driven. While Microsoft makes its megabucks, the user is more and more dumped on. Some users have revolted, beginning with Europe, which is throwing off Redmond’s yoke and investing their Euros in Linux. Heck, even Mac knows the value of Linux, and has incorporated it into Mac OSX. Microsoft’s answer to Linux: Claim patent rights to Linux operating terms and software. Perhaps the thought there is to disable the competition via the patent sledgehammer. But that subject is for another time.

I expect Windows Vista will be no different than any other of Microsoft’s products. And exactly what done “Genuine Windows Advantage” mean?


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This entry was posted on September 5, 2007 by in Musings.
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