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Mac OS 10.5 Leopard: Half-baked

I got Apple’s latest stab at Linux when I installed Leopard on my Mac. Talk about horrors.

Apple watered down php5, the Leopard system continuously generates hard-drive link errors and permissions errors, and Apple has already come out with OS 10.5.1. It’s a big mess. I have my old sites working on my server, but without GD Library support in php5, it’s tough for several of them, and some sites just plain don’t work. I hope the Apple community will ban together to get us our php5 fully functional, because it’s for certain Apple doesn’t give a rat’s ass. Even X11 has been changed by Apple, and many old-time-favorite programs no longer work in X11. Why? Because Apple changed that, too.

Thank goodness my backup server, which is totally Mandrake Linux, is still chugging along.

Hooray for Leopard. It’s “revolutionary.” And I thought Windows Vista was bad. If Apple programmers hadn’t stopped work on Leopard to devote time to the overpriced iPhone, consumers would have been given a better functioning system. My message to Apple: If you’re going to tinker with Linux, do it on somebody else’s dime.

As it is, Leopard is only half-baked.


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This entry was posted on November 18, 2007 by in News.
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