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New Zealand Man makes money off dead children

A New Zealand man has been jailed for 14 months for assuming the identities of dead children to get college loans, and then taking that money and living it up at soccer matches across Europe.

Authorities say he was one of several people to do so, and personally netted $32,000 for himself. In all, $179,000 was ripped off from New Zealand’s Ministry of Education, which provided the loans, by the ring the man belonged to.

Ring members were very specific when looking for birth certificates of deceased children. They focused on children, now gone, who would have been the same age. Then, after obtaining birth certificates from the country’s court system in large quantities, would then apply for, then steal, monies from college loans.

Members of the ring told the court system they needed the brith certificates in large numbers because they were doing “genealogical research.”

[ Full story here ]


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