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Free (oops! now it’s for-profit) online newspaper, magazine progam

One Drupal spinoff was created specifically for those who want a newspaper or magazine web site, but who want it free.

Prosepoint to the rescue. This once-free Open Source project was begun by someone who decided that people who wanted such software could download it and start running it out of the box. An example of one such site is here.

There are many community newspapers and magazines across the county that don’t have a high-dollar budget to buy such software, which could run into the hundreds, or thousands, of dollars. Not only that, these organizations (and, in some case, individuals) also don’t have a lot of time learning new software, or finding a compatible theme to work with it. Once again, ProsePoint is the answer.

According to the program’s creator, “ProsePoint is a software package that lets you quickly and easily publish your own newspaper or magazine online. You can upload stories, edit stories online, and organise stories into editions, all through the user-friendly and convenient web interface. You do not need to know any programming or html.”

ProsePoint still has a demo site, which you can find here.

2014 UPDATE: The author of this program decided that everyone was customizing his code, and he didn’t like it. He has now gone commercial. For those who have the free version of ProsePoint (based on Drupal 6), note that it will only be updated if there are security issues that need to be addressed in one of the ProsePoint author’s custom Drupal 6 modules. The latest free version is Version 0.46. Sadly, there will be no free Drupal 7 versions of Prose Point. The author now charges for a web server package that offers to install ProsePoint, hosts the site and maintains the modules updates.

Pity. Especially for mom-and-pop newspapers. You know the ones – like the Inglis Newscaster.

Is Open Source dying here? I do have an answer to that – but you’ll have to wait for a new post I’m working on, which is currently in draft mode. It will be worth the wait. (Sneak peek here, though: This site of mine uses an Open Source model for news based on Drupal 7, and was made possible by a donation to the Open Source community from



One comment on “Free (oops! now it’s for-profit) online newspaper, magazine progam

  1. chile diez
    October 24, 2014

    It is a shame.
    Time to move to other open source project.

    I am trying this:

    But setup on shared hosting is no easy…

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