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Nothing in cyberspace is sacred

Comcast Using Malicious Hacker Technique Against Own Customers, New Report Says

Wired is reporting that Comcast continues on its merry way blocking traffic to and from p2p programs. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, based in San Francisco, has released a study describing … Continue reading

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Add RSS feeds to your Web site with Perl XML::RSS

This little perl module works like a charm to add RSS feeds without a lot of effort. You’ll find the most work in initial setup, but things get automatic after … Continue reading

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Mac OS 10.5 Leopard: Half-baked

I got Apple’s latest stab at Linux when I installed Leopard on my Mac. Talk about horrors. Apple watered down php5, the Leopard system continuously generates hard-drive link errors and … Continue reading

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Is it real?

  These photos have been circulating around the Internet. It’s a neat idea, but does this tombstone exist only because it was run through Photoshop first? You decide.

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Comcast: Hand in the cookie jar

The Associated Press is running a story abut Comcast interfering with file sharing, amounting to a kind of “data discrimination,” which places a low priority for file-sharing platforms. It isn’t … Continue reading

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China: We don’t care what you think

On Thursday a senior Chinese intellectual property enforcement official made a statement essentially indicating that China’s intellectual property (IP) enforcement problems aren’t really anyone else’s business, and that other countries … Continue reading

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Taken to the ‘cleaners’

Amway’s sister is getting her socks in a bunch. You remember Amway — the company known for nutrition, beauty and, oh yeah, cleaning products. Seems like the company, which goes … Continue reading

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Does China care about what the world thinks?

It is probably more like a voice crying in a wilderness, but an international media rights group is condeming China’s closure of tens of thousands of Web sites. It’s likely … Continue reading

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SimplePie promises new WordPress plug-in

SimplePie has announced on its official blog that a new plug-in is coming for WordPress. New features include a configuration pane, multifeeds support, control over all output, elimination for the … Continue reading

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The Great Firewall of China

According to ABC News Oct. 5, China has shut down tens of thousands of Chinese Internet Web sites, including RSS feeds. forums and blogs. ABC puts the number of sites … Continue reading

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Windows “Vista” — a view of what?

When I installed and started using Windows Vista the other day, I felt like I had been handcuffed. The TV commercial, where the Mac guy is talking with the Windows … Continue reading

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Windows — continuing the proud tradition

Just out, and now Windows Vista will soon have a Service Pack released to fix the first round of bugs. Microsoft, as always, continues to tinker with its products. I’m … Continue reading

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UK wants to fit everyone into their genes

According to BBC News, Lord Justice Sedley, a senior UK Appeal Court judge, has proposed that everyone in the United Kingdom should have their DNA recorded in the national database … Continue reading

September 5, 2007 · Leave a comment “apologizes”

A spokesman over at has formulated a PR response for the company’s selling private info for corporate profit. [Read more about it here]. Stripped down to pertinent points, here … Continue reading

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Stolen family history

Remember the “life in a fishbowl” I talked about in my last post? It seems that what we want to keep private, or at least restricted to certain people, is … Continue reading

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What in the world?

Is there anything sacred in cyberspace? The short answer: No. What you post, everyone can see. Life in a fishbowl. Blah, blah blah. And I would also say that there … Continue reading

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